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A Partnership to Cultivate a Culture of Preparedness

The Eugene Water & Electric Board, the American Red Cross, the city of Eugene, and Springfield Utility Board are partnering to cultivate a culture of preparedness in our community. The ability for our community to recover quickly from emergencies and disasters begins with us.

Preparing for water outages

In the event of a natural disaster or distribution system failure, water utility customers may experience a prolonged disruption of water service.

The American Red Cross recommends that each household store at least a three-day supply of water (one gallon of water per person and pet, per day) for drinking and sanitation. Larger disasters, like the Cascadia earthquake, may require stored water for 14 days or more.

To reduce the disposal problem of single-use water containers, households in the Eugene-Springfield area will be required to bring a clean water storage container to fill at emergency water distribution sites. Once your family has used your stored emergency water supply, you can disinfect and refill your emergency water storage container.

Preparing for water outages made easy

Our local partnership is providing three-gallon water containers to make it easy for households to obtain water storage containers at a discount price of only $5 directly applied to your EWEB utility bill (retail price $17 to $21).

These BPA-free, three-gallon water storage containers have a reusable twist cap and can be used to fill at emergency water distribution sites. Useful water and electric outage preparation tips are provided on the container. This special offer is only available to active EWEB residential customers while supplies last.

Container pre-orders are limited to first-time buyers only

Due to limited supplies, we are asking customers who previously received containers not to pre-order at this time. This will allow other EWEB customers to participate, and we all win when our entire community is prepared for an emergency. Thank you for your cooperation.

Pre-order your emergency water supply storage container(s) before April 25, 2017!

Please complete this pre-order form and submit it to EWEB. The person completing this form must be a responsible party for the utility bill at the household address.

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By clicking "SUBMIT" below, I, the responsible party, certify that payment for the emergency water supply storage containers is approved to be added to my EWEB utility bill after I pick up my purchased water container(s). Once your pre-order customer information has been verified a confirmation e-mail with details about when and where to pick up your container(s) will be sent to the e-mail address entered above. I understand that $1 of the $5 collected from the sale of each three-gallon BPA-free water container will be donated to the American Red Cross.


If you have any questions about any EWEB programs, send us an email.

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