Customer Solutions Loan Application

Thank you for your interest in EWEB’s Customer Solutions Programs. Please complete the entire loan application to assist us in processing your request.

Please note: Loan application processing may take up to 30 days from the date that EWEB receives your signed, original application. Please wait to receive notification from EWEB regarding the approval of your loan before proceeding with your project.

Homes that do not have primary electric heat (a heating system that serves 50% or more of the conditioned living area of a residence) do not qualify for EWEB's weatherization program (windows and/or insulation).

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(Apt./Unit #)

If the project site is a rental property, a completed original W-9 from the owner is required BEFORE ANY WORK WILL BE AUTHORIZED

(You may only select one type of heat pump. If you are unsure which program is the best selection for your particular situation, pick one program and your assigned EWEB Energy Management Specialist can help you determine which heat pump is the best choice for you.)