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If the project site is a rental property, a completed original W-9 from the owner is required BEFORE ANY WORK WILL BE AUTHORIZED

(You may only select one type of heat pump. If you are unsure which program is the best selection for your particular situation, pick one program and your assigned EWEB Energy Management Specialist can help you determine which heat pump is the best choice for you.)


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PROPERTY RIGHTS: Participant must have the authority to direct and install all project measures on the designated property. Upon request by EWEB, Participant agrees to provide documentation of said authority.

HOME SITE ELIGIBILITY: Eligibility may be limited by dwelling type, pre-existing equipment, EWEB services at the premises or other factors. Eligibility requirements for specific programs can be found at

INCENTIVE PAYMENT: EWEB's approval and payment is subject to receipt of all complete and correct documentation, and verification of projects.

TAX LIABILITY: Incentives may be taxable and reported to the IRS. EWEB is not responsible for any tax liability which may be imposed on the participant as a result of payment of any incentives or obtaining financing.

CONTRACTOR ELIGIBILITY: Contractors must be licensed, bonded and insured. Where applicable, participant must use a contractor from the list for the specific program(s) for which s/he is applying. See program details on

DISCLAIMER/NO LIABILITY: Participant assumes the risk of any loss or damage in connection with installation. EWEB review is limited to an evaluation of anticipated energy or water savings per manufacturer's specifications and does not guarantee any particular savings. EWEB is not liable for design, choice, or installation of any project.

ENDORSEMENT: EWEB does not endorse any particular manufacturer, contractor or product.

SAFETY AND BUILDING CODES: Participant agrees to pursue compliance with federal, state and local building and environmental codes for the installation of the product. Products must be installed consistent with manufacturer instructions.

VERIFICATION: Projects may be verified by EWEB for adherence to specifications and equipment standards. Participant agrees to allow EWEB representatives reasonable access to inspect the installation determine if it meets the criteria for payment. Your contractor is responsible for scheduling any in-progress verifications with EWEB three working days prior to the verification. In-progress verifications are for areas that are inaccessible or will be made inaccessible once insulation is installed (attics and any blown insulation installed in an enclosed space).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: EWEB may make reasonable use of any information in its possession concerning your installation including, but not limited to, general energy or water usage for the purpose of evaluation and reporting. Participant gives EWEB and its representatives express permission to contact them using the information provided on this application.

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